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The Sermon

Church of Christ RestoredMinistry in the form of a sermon is available every Sunday morning at the eleven o’clock service. These “talks” are offered by men of the Priesthood who receive their inspiration from fasting and prayer, the Holy Scriptures, and their own personal testimony of Jesus Christ. It is an unpaid ministry given with studious, spiritual, and moral intent.

“And he shall feed his sheep and in him they shall find pasture.” I Nephi 23:4

Please worship with us as you listen to any of the following:


Date Speaker                               Topic
7/6/2014 Elder Eric Odida Summer Series
7/5/2014  Elder Eric Odida  Summer Series 
7/4/2014  Elder Eric Odida  Summer Series
04/28/2013 Elder M. Terry “Jesus is Calling”
04/21/2013 High Priest J. Henderson “Today’s Message”
04/14/2013 Elder G. Vaughn “Resurrection Clarity”
03/31/13 Elder M. Terry “Easter Sunday”
03/24/2013 Priest J. Rew “Blessings…”
03/17/2013 Elder G. Buckbee “Go Forth”
03/10/13 Priest E. Mason “The Fixer” 
03/03/2013 Elder W. Moreland “Good Seeds = Good Deeds”
02/24/2013 High Priest B. Curtis “Measuring Up”
02/17/2013 Elder M. Terry “Our Lord is Merciful”
02/03/13 Elder B. Moreland Baptism and Confirmation Remarks
01/27/13 Elder W. Moreland   “If Thy Enemy Hungers, Feed Him”
01/20/13 Elder G. Buckbee “There is a Balm in Gilead”
01/13/13 Priest Ed Mason “Naturally Meek”
01/06/13 Priest Jeff Rew “Blessings, Baptism, and Sacrament…”
12/30/12 Elder Mike Terry “A New Year of Opportunity”
12/16/13 Elder B. Moreland “Wise Men Still Seek Him”
12/09/13 Priest L. LaRouche “A Personal Guide of Life”
12/02/12 Elder Mike Terry “Renewing Our Covenant”
11/25/2012 Elder W. Moreland “Rejoice in the Lord Always”
11/18/2012 Elder G. Buckbee “Thanksgiving: Be Thankful, Give Thanks”
11/4/2012 Elder Glenn Vaughn “Sacrament Remarks”
10/21/2012 Elder B. Moreland “Ask, Seek, Knock”
10/14/2012 Priest J. Rew “Reflections”
10/7/2012 Elder M. Terry 2012 Conference – Sunday
10/6/2012 Elder B. Herren 2012 Conference – Saturday
10/5/2012 Elder M. Arndt 2012 Conference – Friday
9/30/2012 Elder B. Moreland “A Living Church”
9/23/2012 Priest L. LaRouche “Matthew 18:1-14
9/16/2012 Elder M. Terry  
9/02/2012 Elder G. Buckbee Communion Remarks
8/19/2012 Elder C. Capps Reunion 2012- Sunday
8/17/2012 Elder G. Livingston Reunion 2012 – Friday night
8/16/2012 Elder R. Byrd Reunion 2012-Thursday night
8/15/2012 Elder G. Jones Reunion 2012 – Wednesday night
7/29/2012 Priest L. LaRouche “The Book of Jonah”
07/22/2012 Elder B. Moreland “And, After Your Testimony”
07/15/2012 Priest J. LaRouche “The Gifts of the Father”
07/08/2012 Elder M. Terry “Where is Your Fruit?”
07/01/2012 Elder W. Moreland  
06/24/2012 High Priest W. Curtis “The Stirring of the Heart”
06/17/2012 Elder A. O’Neil Father’s Day
06/02/2012 Elder B. Moreland Sacrament Sunday
05/27/2012 Elder G. Livingston “Faith in Hard Times”
05/20/2012 Priest J. LaRouche “God’s Love/Agency”
05/13/2012 Elder B. Herren “Mother’s Day”
05/06/2012 Elder B. Moreland “Be Ye Transformed”
04/29/2012 Priest J. Rew “The Doctrine of Christ:  Repentance”
04/22/2012 Elder M. Terry “Embrace Your Faith”
04/08/2012 Elder W. Moreland “Act and Think Eternally”
04/01/2012 Priest E. Mason “Palm Sunday”
03/25/2012 Elder G. Vaughn “My Friend Jesus”
03/18/2012 Priest J. LaRouche “Faith in Hard Times”
03/11/2012 Priest C. Humphrey “Come Up Higher”
03/04/2012 Elder B. Moreland “The Gospel Standard”
02/26/2012 Elder W. Moreland “Make a Difference, Part I”
02/19/2012 Elder M. Terry “Harvest the Fruits of the Spirit”
02/12/2012 Priest J. Rew “Prepare to Come Before His Holy Presence”
02/05/2012 Elder G. Buckbee “Perhaps Today”
01/29/2012 Priest C. Humphrey “Green Thumbs”
01/22/2012 Elder G. Vaughn “Jump in the Funnel”
01/15/2012 Priest J. LaRouche “It Shall be a Great Day”
01/08/2012 Priest C. Humphrey “The Mantle”
01/01/2012 Elder B. Moreland “The Gospel of Hope”
12/18/2011 Elder M. Terry “The Hope We Have in Jesus Christ”
12/4/2011  Elder G. Buckbee  “Perfection” 
11/27/2011 Elder E. Mason “Thanksgiving 2011″
11/13/2011 Priest J. LaRouche “Moving Mountains”
11/6/2011 Elder M. Terry “Remembering Our Covenant” 
10/23/2011 Elder W. Moreland “A House of Learning” 
10/9/2011 Priest C. Humphrey “What’s in Your Bag?”
8/21/2011 High Priest B. Curtis Sunday Conference 2011
8/20/2011 Elder W. Moreland Saturday Conference 2011
8/19/2011 Elder G. Vaughn Friday Conference 2011
9/25/2011 Elder B. Moreland “The Evidence”
9/4/2011  Elder M. Terry   “Who are You Serving?”
8/21/2011 Patriarch D. Machart Reunion 2011
8/20/2011   Seventy R. Hensley  Reunion 2011
8/19/2011  Elder S. Robison Reunion 2011
8/18/2011 Elder M. Esquivel  Reunion 2011
8/17/2011 Priest J. Rew Reunion 2011 “Hope for Zion”