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Music plays a prominent part of our worship experience. Please enjoy the following offerings from local members who sing and/or play instruments and utilize their talents to worship their Lord.


Song Download (mp3 format)
10/07/16 Pricilla Mason “Wonderful Merciful Savior”
08/28/16 Pricilla Mason “old old Path”
08/16/14 Reunion Angels “All in All”
08/16/14 Jazmyn Galusha “Ocean”
08/16/14 Jazmyn and Gable Galusha “Violin”
08/16/14 Gary Livingston “Sing Hallelujah”
08/16/14 Lois Arndt “Playing guitar”
08/16/14 Milee Gage “Beautiful”
08/16/14 Vitaly and Michael “Piano and guitar”
08/16/14 Kids Singing “Oil in my Lamp”
04/21/13 Quartet

“Let Us Pray for One Another”

4/14/13 MellowTones


01/04/13 Ron and Glenn

“The Old, Old Path

12/09/12 Priscilla Mason

“Oh Come, All Ye Faithful”

10/6/2012 Cessaries Galusha


8/2012 Ed Mason

Reunion 2012:  solo

8/2012 Cessaries & Priscilla Duet

“Be Thou My Vision”

8/2012 Congregational Hymn

“The Spirit of God”

8/2012 Elder R. Fishel

Reunion 2012

8/2012 Elder R. Fishel

“Communion Song”

6/02/2012 Priscilla Mason

“Old, Old Path”

5/13/2012 Kay Campbell

“Like a River…”

5/13/2012 Children’s Choir

“This Little Light of Mine”

4/6/2012 Cessaries Galusha

” Wedding Song”

4/6/2012 Cessaries Galusha

“Be Thou My Vision”

4/6/2012 C. Galusha/M. Clark

“Come Thou Fount …”

3/11/2012 Priscilla Mason

“Let Us Pray for One Another”

2/26/2012 Priscilla Mason

“Be Thou My Vision”

2/12/2012 C. Humphrey “Be Still My Soul”
1/22/2012 M. Bevard “The Vessel”
1/08/2012 R. Humphrey “I Want to Walk With Jesus”
12/4/2011 K.Campbell/P. Mason “The First Noel”
11/6/2011 Dawn Terry  “The Covenant”
10/23/2011 Women’s Trio “How Gentle God’s Command” 
10/2/2011 C. Galusha Harp #1
8/20/2011 R. Smith “Turtle Love Song”
8/20/2011 R. Smith Song of Abish”
8/18/2011 C.Galusha/M.Clark Flutes
July 2006 The Levengoods Down to the River
July 2006 The Levengoods Consider the Lillies”
July 2006 The Levengoods Tempted and Tried”