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Church School


Kindergarten: Kara Miller

Primary: Pricilla Mason

Junior: Tanna Click

Sr. High: Jeff Rew/Dustin Mason

Adult: Wray Moreland

    Vancouver Church of Christ Restored offers classes to all age groups as part of our continuing education effort to enhance and enrich the lives and minds of the Saints.  The importance of church school has been recognized from the beginning as a standard for branches of the restoration faith.  We wll continue to use curriculum tools that follow the principles of the Gospel and peaceable things of the Kingdom.


“Let the solemnities of eternity rest upon your minds…Seek learning…by study, and also by faith.”


Adult Classes

Opportunity for gaining under- standing and knowledge is provided through a leader-directed reading and discussion of the three standard books as well as various other church publications. Open dialogue is encouraged, an atmosphere of learning is relished, and insights are shared.


The adult class is currently Reading Salt of the earth.  The class is led by Elder Wray Moreland.




Women’s Ministry

Meeting monthly in each other’s homes, the women are currently studying Becoming a Titus 2 Woman.  Please check calendar for location.


Powerpoint Classes


Young Adults Study Group

This group meets every other Thursday at 7PM for food, fellowship, and study.  Please see calendar for date and location.

Youth Classes

Children and Jesus - Youth Classes at Church of Christ RestoredThe church youth are guided by teachers who give of their desire to educate and nurture, using graded materials geared to appropriate age and interests. The instructional material is designed so that the principles of the Gospel as well as the ordinances and sacraments of the church are covered.


 Pre-baptismal study is offered to those children who have, or will soon be reaching the age of accountability. Contact Pastor Mike Terry.